YUM! YUM! YUM! Mysdiggi Gives Sainsbury's Ad Some Hip Hop Flavour!

It seems that rap, rhythm and food are the perfect ingredients for a chart-worthy Sainsbury's advert.


It's been a momentous time for UK music over the past few years, especially hip hop and grime. But it seems one British rapper has taken the genre to national heights (and Kitchens).


By now you will have already had the catchy "Yum Yum Yum" tune in your head while you fix your next meal, but while you're spinning and shaking in your kitchen's you might have missed the familiar voice and face behind the dance-provoking track...



Yes, its British rapper MysDiggi! Although many of you may also know him as the talented brother of our DriveTime host, Amanda Star! (It seems the 'Barz For Dayz' really does run in the family).


MsDiggi's latest #FoodDancing track for Sainsbury's latest ad campaign, which is also a full single, marks the supermarket's first advertising campaign with new partners, Wieden + Kennedy.



Filmed in real Kitchen's across Britain, it seems the participants aren't the only ones loving Sainsbury's new approach, with the full single alone landing over 120K views on YouTube in just two days!



Speaking to MysDiggi on the success of the Sainsbury's collaboration, he said, "Sainsburys made it very easy to work with them, allowing me to have my own creative freedom, be myself and still get their message across to all ages. They should be praised for making such a bold move!"


Listen to the full track and advert below:


WARNING! May cause bum wiggling and #FoodDancing





Words: Keisha McDonald


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