Will Smith Re-creates 'Icon' Video

If your not getting trolled, your not working hard enough! This statment rang true for Jaden Smith last night after he fell victim to a bit of trolling... From his Dad. Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air legend, released a paradoy Video of Jaden's 'Icon' video. The paradoy video was in celebration of Jaden reaching 100 million spotify streams, Jaden hit the landmark total for his debut studio album titled 'STYRE' earlier this month.

The video is set in an almost identical location and opens with a close up of Will,and much like the original his grillz are on show, but instead it appears his grillz are made of aluminium foil (Great improvisation Will).

The biggest diffrence however was Smith seniour wasnt quite on trend in terms of attire, opting to wear flipflops as opposed to a pair of on trend trainers but what do you expect, just cos he's Will smith Dosent mean he's going to get a pass.


Will smith posted the video last night Tuesday 6th February, and captioned "congrats on 100,000,000 @spotify streams Jaden! @c.syresmith. It is a delicious gift to a parent to admire his children. Keep doin You!


If you havent watched both videos, we've got them here !


Words - Millie Ntaisi 


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