Watching Chance The Rapper, Ziggy Marley & Jon Batiste Recreate The 'Arther' Theme Tune Will Make Your Day

If ever we needed a song of unity, it would be now.


The Late Show presenter, Stephen Colbert, bagged Chance The Rapper, Ziggy Marley and Jon Baptiste for this pretty cool remake of the famous Arthur theme tune - 'What A Wonderful Kind Of Day'.


The 'Colouring Book' rapper has been an open fan of the classic cartoon series, performing his own covers of the theme tune at shows and referencing the character in his raps - "I been this way since Arthur was anteater.”. But last week the Atlanta rapper got to recreate the famous track with the song's original author and performer Ziggy Marley on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


Watch the video below:








Words: Keisha McDonald


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