Wale's Clapback At Tomi Lahren Is 2017 Gold!

We're only five days into the new year and already the celebrities are dishing out a cold plate of pettiness.


US rapper Wale is the most recent star to join the clapback club this week, hitting back at political commentator Tomi Lahren's response to his song 'Smile'. The 'Gifted'' MC slips in a sneak diss to the TV host in the lyrics of the song, saying:


On behalf of Charlamagne, I’m sure he ain’t trading sides/ Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her/ she miseducated anyway/Probably hate the color of my face,” he spits, after declaring “the alt-right hate us.





Lahren, who hosts her own show on the conservative channel The Blaze, certainly didn't miss the mention or the mistake in name, tweeting the star: “So if you’re gonna put someone in a song…diss ‘em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time.”




The artist wasted no time responding to Lahren, simply replying "Okay Tammy".


Unsurprisingly the petty sentiment went down a treat with Twitter fans, garnering over 60,000 retweets and over 100,000 likes. Twitter users also joined in on the joke making more digs around the TV host's name.











The political pundit tried to comeback from the joke by tweeting "Okay Whale", but Twitter users were quick to shoot her clapback attempt down.









Better luck next time Tammy Tomi.


Words: Keisha McDonald


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