Ray BLK's 'My Hood' Visual Is Released

It’s been over a month since the debut of Ray BLK’s single ‘My Hood’ which features south London native Stormzy.

 The song is an ode to her roots which was living in the hood and all the things that made it her childhood. The video turns everyday events and made it more theatrical to show from the outside for people who don’t live in the hood, its severity and violence.


Ray BLK had to say this about the video.

‘We decided to build a set and make a fake hood, so it was a bit more theatrical,’ she said. ‘People who aren’t from here, when they read in the newspaper that a boy’s been stabbed it’s very surreal, so I think for people who aren’t from there, it’s almost like a theatre show. We wanted to mirror that but to emphasise that the hood is a real place.’

Give the video a watch above.


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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