DAMN: I Pull Up, Hop Out, Air Out, Made It Look Sexy!

Damn Kendrick! He is truly living in 3017, we took a while to grasp everything and remind ourselves that it was true. His recent music video for ‘Element’ from his certified platinum album ‘Damn’ scalped us bald. The colours, visuals, everything about it, took our breath away for three and a half minutes. We wasn’t ready, but we were willing to accept that we will never be able to grasp everything all in one go. It is definitely a video you need 20 minutes off. Maybe a mini movie? Or a series about the album, or a behind the scene glimpse of the making of the video?


It’s okay Kendrick you don’t have to answer now. No Pressure at all…


Released June 27th, it has three million five hundred thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine and counting views. Less than twenty four hours ago we were blessed with the king himself, ‘K-Dot’, ‘Kungfu Kenny’.


A little insight on the video and what snatched our beings. Directed by ‘Jonas Lindstroem’ and ‘The Little Homies’. The use of colours are beautiful making us feel as if we were part of the ‘Element’, keeping us engage throughout. Each scene had a different feel that pulled your heartstrings. ‘Jonas’ Instagram has some of the most beautiful photographs we have ever seen. Giving us a similar vibe to the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ winning movie ‘Moonlight’.


Getting into the visuals, it starts off with a hand emerging from water. That’s the hand that grabbed our scalp clean. Having to fix the hair that was left, we were able to finish the video. Not without pausing it at every given point to stare at the colours. Once again thank you ‘Jonas Lindstroem’ and ‘The Little Homies’.


We cannot stress enough how happy we are that he chose to make a visual for ‘Element’.

We are hear for it. ‘Kungfu Kenny’ always delivers in every project. We are supportive of the evolution of ‘Kendrick Lamar’. Let’s hope he has his heart set on making visuals for the entire album. Once again no pressure, we have accept everything you hand to us.


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