CeeLo Green Creeps Fans Out With His Love Confession For Beyonce

It's been almost a week since CeeLo Green nearly scared us half to death with his Golden ensemble at the Grammy Awards. But after revealing that it was an introduction to his alter-ego Gnarly Davidson, we knew that there would be something exciting to follow.


Cue ultra-fan music video dedicated to Beyonce!


The video for Gnarly Davidson's debut single 'Jay-Z's Girl' is a take on Ricky Springfield's 1981 hit 'Jesse's Girl' which sees Little Fun to play a young Gnarly Davidson in his bedroom obsessing over Beyonce.


Now we're not sure if it's the general overload of love for Queen B or the aweful bad timing of his public desire to want the heavily-pregnant-with-twins star, but Twitter fans were not amused with the comical vid.








If the rest of the album is anything like this, we're in for a trippy ride ladies and gentleman!


Words: Keisha McDonald


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