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Tyga Set To Release Clothing Line With Daniel Patrick

Hip hop star Tyga will be teaming up with 'in-demand' streetwear designer Daniel Patrick on a capsule collection wardrobe.

The pair's new fashion line, labelled the 'Daniel Patrick X T-Raww collection', is set to be an eight-piece assortment of clothing including skinny jeans, sweaters, oversized t-shirt and bomber jacket.

But if fans of the 'Rack City' artist are looking to get their hands on the collection, it's going to cost them!

According to Women's Wear Daily, designer Patrick has already stated that prices will range from $110 (£83) to $600 (£453) per piece! But has ensured that the collection will be 'Sleek'.

As exciting as this news may be, this isn't the first time that Tyga and Daniel Patrick's name have come up in the same sentence. The fashion designer reached out to the hip hop rapper on Instagram back in 2015 after spotting the musician in his clothes at New York Fashion Week. Tyga reportedly umped at the chance of collaborating with Patrick and now the pair are on the brink of releasing their joint fashion collection.

The capsule wardrobe is set to be released at a party on Melrose Avenue, LA later this month (22nd September) but UK fans can still purchase the collection online on the brands website.



parachute track pant // t-raww #danielpatrick #losangeles #traww

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track suit // #danielpatrick #traww #losangeles #nyfw

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Tyga in the new track trunk // blk and yellow #danielpatrick #losangeles #nyfw

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T-Raww in sand roamers // #danielpatrick #roamers #traww #losangeles

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T-Raww #danielpatrick #kinggoldchains #tyga

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Words: Keisha McDonald


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