TfL's 'Please Offer Me A Seat' Badges To Be Released in 2017

London transport company, TfL will be issuing badges for people with hidden disabilities next year following a successful trial taken by 1,200 people in September.


The blue 'Please Offer Me A Seat' badge and accompanying card will be a permenant feature from Spring 2017, running alongside TfL's 'Baby On Board' badge for pregnant ladies.


There is yet to be clarification on what conditions the badge and card will cover,  but TfL say the system will be based on trust - as with its "Baby on board" badge scheme.


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called the roll out "great news" for Londoners.


It is believed that when the new scheme is launched, TfL will become the first European transport provider to officially recognise hidden impairments in such a way.


Roll on 2017!


Words: Keisha McDonald


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