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Sherman McDougald Joins The Conversation - Black History Month Special

The first in a line of special shows for Black History Month, tune into The Conversation when the discussion will be focussed upon the historical role of black people in the US military.

Given that America has a volatile history with people of colour, some may find it hard to comprehend why a black person may choose to fight for a country with such a track record. But perhaps it’s more complex than it appears on the surface. Perhaps it’s not just about the country they are fighting for, but also about their personal journey and growth? Sherman McDougald will be joining Claire live in the studio to talk about his own personal journey and some of the challenges he faced along the way.


About Sherman McDougald

Sherman McDougald is from a small city of Rockingham North Carolina, which has a population of less than 10,000. He graduated in 1997 and entered the US Navy. After engineering school in the Navy, he was stationed on USS Austin, a marine transport ship, where he was an engineer onboard operating the ship's propulsion, power  generation, and water systems. Whist in the Navy, Sherman completed two six month Mediterranean deployments received two Navy Achievement Medals. His second deployment supported operations during the Kosovo conflict, and they visited at least ten ports on each tour to countries. After his four year enlistment, Sherman decided to leave the Navy and continue his career with power generation, where he’s been in the industry for fifteen years.


Tune into The Conversation with Claire Clottey on Sunday 2nd October from 10am to find out more about Sherman’s journey in the Navy


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