Pharrell seals away a song until 2117

Pharrell recently unveiled a new song, “100 years” at an exclusive listening party to 100 guests in Shanghai. The catch is, it’ll only be released for our descendants to listen to in 2117.

Louis XIII Cognac and Pharrell partnered on the 100 years project to raise awareness about climate change, reminding us of our social responsibility to the planet and future generations. And also holding world leaders accountable.  

There’s only one copy of the track which is on a water soluble, clay vinyl and it’s now locked away safe in the cellars of Louis XIII until the next century. Hopefully the disc survives as it will be destroyed forever if immersed in water.

If practical steps aren't taken to counteract the disastrous effects of global warming our grandkids may not have the chance to dance to Pharrell in the future.

Photo Credit: 
By Doug Inglish/Trunk Archive.


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