Pharrell Gets a Figurine

If you’re looking for a gift that's the perfect combination between funny and creepy well, you’re in luck!


Japanese toy purveyor Medicom which have made music related toys such as Daft Punk figurines, have now made a Pharrell action figure. The news of the action figure broke out last night when Pharrell tweeted about his toy debut. The toy is eerily lifelike with detailed facial features and even got the same neck tattoo as the singer. The figurine is equipped with a collection of accessories, including Pharrell's signature hat, a bracelet, a watch and a microphone.


The figurine is currently on the market for 24,800 yen or about £200 which is pretty cheap compared to his limited-edition miniature Pharrell sculptures sold at last year's Art Basel show in Hong Kong, which went for $20,000 ( £14,000) apiece. Here are images of the figurine below.


    Words: Shanice Bowrin


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