Nadia Jae Chops It Up With Taliwhoah

With her finger always on the pulse of fresh UK talent, Nadia Jae will be chopping it up with singer/songwriter, Taliwhoah!


Combining a stylish pop outlier with Afro-Caribbean soul, R&B swagger and hypnotic mystique, Taliwhoah is a stand-out act with a global appeal and 'whoah' can she sing.


Born into a musical family, it's no surprise that the young star was destined for a career in music. At the age of 13, Taliwhoah relocated from her hometown London to the bright lights of Seattle, WA, moving to LA for school soon discovering her burning desire to sing.


After finding herself on the streets her passion for music soon turned into exigency, with studio sessions providing a roof over her head and fuelling the fire within her to succeed.


Returning to London for her grandmother's birthday in 2014, Taliwhoah ventured in the studio once more, this time recording the critically acclaimed 'Melodies & Madness' EP which stirred up a lot of buzz from tastemakers around the globe. Returning to LA in 2017, Taliwhoah's talents were soon picked up Rostrum Records where she penned her first deal, releasing her debut album 'New Wave Order'.



Her 2017 upbeat anthem “Alright” shuffles from a dancefloor-ready beat into a bridge steeped in fresh nineties R&B bounce before culminating on the undeniable chant, “Right now it’s a lot, but I swear I’ma be alright.”



“I was having such a crap day,” she remembers. “After I had gotten through all of the things that tried to beat me, I decided I was going to make the best of it. I texted a friend to see if his studio was free, and I made my way over there. On the way, I was thinking, ‘I can persevere through anything if I tell myself I can. I treat every situation as an obstacle that I can overcome.’ That was the overtone of the song. I wrote it at a time when I needed to be encouraged that everything would be okay. It comes with the responsibility of deciding to chase a dream. That’s the universal message. We’re going to be alright.”



On “Details,” her voice takes flight over a skittering synth, entrancing at every turn. “I was thinking about tattoos as an analogy for life,” Taliwhoah goes on. “The biggest risks you take define you. Those little details we’re left with are what matter the most. It’s a moment of reflection for me.”



Ultimately, “Whoah” is an apropos reaction to everything she does.



“This is the wave of music I want people to feel,” she leaves off. “It’s so diverse. It won’t be confined to one style. There’s no longer going to be a one-dimensional artist. It’s all multi-dimensional. That’s the New Wave Order.”


Don't miss Nadia Jae sit down with Taliwoah this Tuesday 1st August from 10am-1pm


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