Michelle Drops A Banger

America’s First Lady has many talents and now she can add music on that list. The First Lady dropped a single with heavyweight females in the music industry to promote female empowerment. Michelle Obama released girl Anthem ‘This Is My Girls’ with artists featured such as, Zendaya, Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monáe, Jadagrace and Chloe & Halle.


The song is a part of an initiative called Let Girls Learn which gives opportunities for girls who live in areas where they don’t get proper education, to gain that opportunity.

The initiative was influenced by the stories of the shooting of Malala and the abduction of 200 girls in Nigeria to start this project.

The proceeds from the song will support the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund and Obama will have the hashtag #62MillionGirls trending to promote her cause.
‘Sixty-two million girls not getting an education, that’s personal,’ said Obama.
You can hear a snippet of the song on iTunes or you can listen to it below.


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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