Michelle and Barack Obama Are Looking For An Intern!

Besides watersports with Richard Branson, the world has been waiting with anticipation for the Obamas will do next after their presidency has come to an end. Will they fight crime one supervillian at a time? Will they live on a secluded island and wave at us all inbetween Pina Colada? Well whatever they're doing, it loks like their gonna need a litle help to do it.


According to CNBC the former first couple have issued a job vacancy from 'The Office Of Barack And Michelle Obama' offering the unltimate internship for one lucky student. The sought-after position is due to take place in the Obama's new home in Washington DC from February 27th to June 16th giving the 'chosen one' 16 weeks to hang out the cool couple. Requiring someone who can “take initiative, manage their time well, have strong attention to detail, solid writing skills and the utmost commitment to public service.” the report says that the internship will focus on 'Correspondence'.


Now if you're already rummaging through the internet for where to sign up, you  might want to hold off a little while as applications for this year's positions are already closed. Better luck next year!


Words: Keisha McDonald


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