Michaela Coel is All Class on Twitter

It seems what would have been a wonderful night turned quickly sour for some people. A few days ago, the Bafta’s were presented and East London’s Michaela Coel also best known as Kayla from Top Boy won a BAFTA. The star obviously took to Twitter to show excitement and many people gave their congratulations. Among those people praising the young actress was actor and comedian Tolu Ogunmefun tweeted his praise to the star. Coel brought to Ogunfunme’s attention that a couple of years ago, the actor and comedian was seen writing insults about the actress’ facial features.

Coel also made sure to point out that although the issue was evident, she knows that she can just ‘turn the other cheek’.


As for Tolu Ogunfunme, he realized the mistake he had made and decided to apologize to the Bafta winner.

It just goes to show, be careful what you put on the Internet!

Words: Shanice Bowrin


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