#LondonNeedsYouAlive - The Campaign

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has launched a new campaign titled #LondonNeedsYouAlive (#LNYA), against teenage knife crime in London.


The powerful campaign has come as shockingly 40 people under the age of 25 have been stabbed to death on the streets of London already this year...


The support of the campaign so far has been brilliant with Yungen, and MC Bossman Birdie amongst those attaching themselves to the project to encourage a safer city - with both the artists having a large following and presence on social media Khan hopes that this will encourage a new movement against London’s knife crime. Photographer Tom Sloan, award-winning blogger The Slum Flower, and poet Hussain Manawer have also all backed the campaign with the message ‘London Needs You Alive – don’t carry a knife’.


The project is aimed at highlighting the importance of the teen’s lives to the city and urges young people to realise their value to their family and friends, and their city too.


Khan said: “We can’t solve the problem by police enforcement alone, we need to get the message across that our young Londoners are too valuable to risk their lives by carrying a knife.


They are our future musicians, artists, sportsmen and women, comedians, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and role models. We need them.”


Mayor Sadiq Khan certainly seems to be doing everything he can for the youth of London with this campaign starting just a week after form 696 being scrapped, it’s clear that he wants young people to not only be successful and happy but most importantly SAFE.


Get involved and support the movement using the #LNYA hashtag on Twitter!


Photo Credit: Greater London Authority
Words: Lily


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