Koro Fyah Blesses The Inner Gold Show

This week’s special guest is Koro Fyah, an artist that Mikee and Heartical met during their trip to Reggae Geel in Belgium during the summer.  After speaking to Koro Fyah, backstage at the festival he revealed exclusively that his debut E.P 'Rough Diamond' would be released imminently.  Koro was true to his word, as the E.P was released for free download last Friday and it has already rounded up a number of plays on his SoundCloud page.



Shane ‘Koro Fyah’ Dixon is a lyrical poet who was born and raised in the great island of Jamaica. Koro Fyah has always had a genuine love for music, and he honed his sharp skills on the streets of Kingston from as early as 18. Influenced by the likes of Wu-tang, Nas, Peter Tosh and Sizzla, to even the memories of his mother singing or playing classic cuts from Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. All this has helped to shape the impressive writing technique and vocal delivery of this artist that the world has come to know. 


Koro hails from the Bebble Rock Music Family, which consists of the world-renowned lyricist Kabaka Pyramid and the strong management of Duane ‘Shomari’ McDonald and Abishai Hoilett. Koro has been on Mikee and Heartical’s radar since he appeared on ‘Better Mus Come’ a track taken from Kabaka’s Rebel Music E.P back in 2011.


Koro’s lyrics are deeply rooted in the proponents and tenets of Rastafari and his thought provoking lyrics provide substance and entertainment in a time where conscious lyrics are needed.


The Rough Diamond E.P consists of 8 powerful tracks, which will resonate with an audience of lovers while stirring conscious thoughts in the most militant revolutionary. The E.P begins with ‘World Needs Love’, a powerful call for world unity. Tracks such as ‘New Day’ and ‘Eyes Red’ have received internationally coverage worldwide over the past 18 Months while tracks such as ‘Fast Life’ and ‘Journey’ allow Koro to express messages of self-empowerment and upliftment. ‘Got You’ featuring the soulful vocals of Lila Ike and ‘Got to Go’ will resonate with the lovers while ‘Red, Gold and Green’ alongside his Bebble Rock Family member, Kabaka Pyramid has become an instant Rastafari anthem.


Be sure to tune in to this week’s #InnerGoldShow on Wednesday 12th October from  11pm-1am to hear more about ‘Rough Diamond’ Koro Fyah


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