Kendrick Lamar Graces The Cover Of Rolling Stone

The ‘Loyalty’ artist blessed the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine. His double platinum fourth studio album ‘Damn’, will definitely stand the test of time. Known as a conscious rapper Kendrick, has always been about one to rap exactly how he feels.

His latest album touched on topics such as the recent election of Donald Trump, and the shock value of his election. Also the constant battle between him and himself. ‘It was always me vs the world, until I found it's me vs me’. We definitely advise everyone to listen to the album and maybe even read a few lyrics, and have sing along.




Listen to ‘Kendrick Lamar – Lust’

‘We all woke up, tryna tune to the daily news. Lookin' for confirmation, hopin' election wasn't true. All of us worried, all of us buried, and our feelings deep. None of us married to his proposal, make us feel cheap. Still and sad, distraught and mad, tell the neighbor 'bout it. Bet they agree, parade the streets with your voice proudly .Time passin', things change. Revertin' back to our daily programs, stuck in our ways; Lust.’


Listen to ‘Damn’

Check out Kendrick Lamrs’s Rolling Stone Interview below.

Words: Shanakay Gordon


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