Kelechi Okafor Joins The Conversation

This week’s Black History Month special will be all about our historical connection to dance and movement.


When Miley Cyrus was praised for bringing ‘twerking’ to the mainstream, understandably many eyebrows were raised. Not only were her movements far from what should be defined as twerking, it was just another example of how easily things that are connected to black culture and heritage can be hijacked. The origins of twerking are deep rooted in our culture, with a historic significance that should be respected.


Fast forward to 2016, when NIgerian born fitness instructor Kelechi Okafor is told by a white owned twerk studio that her style is too ‘basic’ for them to allow her to run a class. Without hesitation, she set about starting her own, showing why it’s important to make sure we give authentic alternatives to what is constantly being diluted for the mainstream


About Kelechi Okafor



Kelechi Okafor is an actress, personal trainer, pole dance and Twerk teacher. Raised in London and born in Nigeria, Kelechi has always made an effort to blend her upbringing into her style of teaching. She believes that the personal is also political, and stands proudly in her blackness and Nigerian heritage. Kelechi has been a panellist at a number of debates and discussions around blackness and womanhood, and successfully launched her own twerk studio, Twerk Werkz in September 2016.


Want to know what authentic representations of movement are so important? Tune into The Conversation with Claire Clottey on Sunday 16th October to find out more about Kelechi’s story.



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