Kanye West to Launch 21 The Life of Pablo Pop-Up Stores Worldwide

News of the launch of 21 The Life of Pablo pop-up stores worldwide came from Yeezy himself via his Twitter a couple hours ago.


The Famous rapper took to his Twitter to announce news of the pop-up stores tweeting: ’21 PABLO STORES WORLDWIDE THIS WEEKEND.’ He continued the tweet with a picture of the globe with pins on the locations of the pop-up stores.


According to Vogue, the stores are set to launch on tomorrow (August 19th) and there will be 14 stores across the US and 7 outside the US.


Some of the US cities include: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Portland and San Francisco, while international cities include: Amsterdam, Berlin, Cape Town, London, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney.


Each city is set to have its peculiar design with its name imprinted on t-shirts and hoodies, in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script.


The exact locations are to be revealed on West’s website 24 hours ahead of their openings. The stores are speculated to be around for about 3 days, so to all Ye fans, keep your eyes peeled and get your hands on your city’s Pablo gear!


Words: Isaac Chukwumah


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