JJ Soul Blesses The Inner Gold Show

Mikee and Heartical are pleased to welcome the soulful and talented JJ Soulx to this week’s #InnerGoldShow. For those unaware JJ Soulx flows soulfully and poetically, with lyrically conscious music and a distinctive tone that expresses great passion. Mikee and Heartical  have been in tune to JJ’s journey and her songs have been featured a number of times on the #InnerGoldShow.



Spending her early years surrounded by the sounds of jazz, soul and gospel, she grasped a great feel for music. JJ received recognition very early in her music journey, with support and airplay from BBC’s Tony Blackburn and Gary Crowley.



JJ released The ‘Back To The Basics’ mixtape on Sunday   and it has been well received. JJ has been gaining a great following performing on London’s underground, the mixtape includes some of the most requested songs and is a compilation consisting of many different flavours. From Neo Soul to Classic Reggae, JJ shows us yet again why she is so relevant to the many different stages that she has performed on, supporting other great acts, such as ‘The Wailers’, ‘Yolanda Brown’ and ‘Akua Naru’. ‘Back to The Basics - The Mixtape’ is a soundtrack to JJ’s creative journey thus far.

It captures the life of a young songwriter who gets caught up in the city life, to survive London living, all at the expense of her musical dream. “Why should you get stuck in a 9 to 5?” A question JJ faces in her pursuit of simplicity, back to the basics. In her song ‘Gambling’ she asks, “will he be loyal like the morning?” JJ reveals the insecurities she’s dealt with, common to many women in love relationships. JJ Soulx soulful voice fused with reggae and spoken word, with her conscious lyrics, make this mixtape both uplifting and one which many can relate to. JJ’s signature vocals are something the world most definitely needs. The tone that lifted your spirits on your travels can now follow you home and on the airways.


 Be sure to tune in this week’s #InnerGoldShow on Wednesday 19th July from 11pm-1am to learn more about the talented JJ Soulx.




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