Jay Z Makes His Own Lemonade

Rumours are circulating that none other than Jay Z has been in the studio recording. The star is allegedly, making an album in response to Beyoncé’s quick success of an album, Lemonade. According to US Weekly, an anonymous source told the magazine ‘Jay is working on an album telling his side of things,’ although at the moment nothing is confirmed it would ultimately make sense since Jay and Bey always kept their relationship very private. Since the release of Lemonade, many rumours circulated that Jay z was not fateful to Queen Bey and obviously the rap mogul was relentlessly dragged on Twitter.




Earlier this week, a photo was released on Twitter showing Jay Z in the studio recording something. If the album is true, that we don’t know. However, an album will be best since the couple have gained a lot of buzz from Lemonade and Jay Z hasn’t released an album since 2013 ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail.’ For the moment only time will tell if Jay Z is going to spill the Lemonade or not.

Words: Shanice Bowrin


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