Jammer Brings Grime Into Fashion

We’re now in an age where seemingly polar opposites such as grime and fashion can merge together into something great. The merge is more than grime artists posing for fashion ads and being involved in campaigns, and this duo are doing much more.

Kiri from a line based in Japan called ‘PHIRE WIRE’ is collaborating with UK grime artist Jammer and they are using both their skills to create a fashion line to be available in East London.


*Courtesy of I-D Magazine*


In an interview courtesy of I-.D Magazine, the two spoke about their collaboration.

‘I proposed the collaboration to Jammer as it seemed he was very interested in Japanese culture and I thought there would be a certain chemistry if we worked on something together. ‘Kiri confirms.

*Courtesy of I-D Magazine*


‘I didn't even know we wanted to work together at the start. We were two people that got on, shared the same energy and laughed at the same jokes. We are interested in the same style and industries so it made sense to do it. The team are great at making clothes and they think we are great at music and doing what we do. It's all down to respect, hence why we wanted to work together.’ Jammer added.


The line will be available at Ejder in East London, you can check the full interview here.




Words: Shanice Bowrin


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