Jamal Edwards Highlights Men's Mental health In New Documentary

SBTV founder and entrepeneur Jamal Edwards has teamed up with suicide awareness charity CALM to lift the lid on men's mental health.


Speaking on society's stereotypes of masculinity which prevent a number of men seeking help for depression in the UK, Jamal explores the question : Why are so many men taking their own lives? The 26-year-old MBE holder says he believes it's his duty to raise awareness about the issue and show 'people they're not alone'.


“I felt I had a responsibility to use my platform,” he said about the 'Speak Your Mind' video released by The Guardian, '“Everyone goes through their ups and downs. I learned, as the years have gone past, to talk to people. I have a close network of people that I feel I can talk to whenever anything is going wrong. I know it’s difficult and it took me a lot of time to get into that mind set, but I feel much better for it.”


The documentary sees Jamal linking up with some of his friends “from all different backgrounds who have come across mental health”.


Watch the documentary below.





Words: Keisha McDonald


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