Hitchhikers 'Ghetts' Lift To London

Over the weekend, rapper Ghetts saw a group of hitchikers from Nottingham and gave them a ride down to London. The group were taking part in a challenge for charity, to get as far away from Nottingham as possible without spending any money, all in 36 hours.

It seems Ghetts gave them a great start on their Great Escape challenge, getting them to London, and sharing these video on Instagram.

They never napped me we good lol A video posted by GHETTS (@therealghetts) on

The story does not end there. The group made their way to heathrow airport, and found out that Justin was actually a well known Grime MC, and reached out to him via social media, thanking him for the lift.

They made it as far as Heathrow airport, but were unable to get a free flight out.

It seemed this would be the end of the line for the group. That is until a fan of Ghetts', having read the story via social media agreed to sponsor the group's flights into Europe.

A happy ending, all in support of a good cause.

Words: Bola Olashore


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