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Hip Hops Legendary Achievements Makes History

Starting as a voice for the unheard and neglected, Hip hop has come a long way. Crowned as one of the biggest genre, for the first time in U.S history pushing rock out of the way which has been the dominant genre for over 40 years.

Although some of the biggest Forbes artist of 2017 are all a part of the Hip Hop subculture. We are ecstatic, with streaming being the most effective way to put music out. Hip Hop has definitely earned the recognition. With music outlets such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud, being able to adapt to the ever changing outlets. Hip hop has come a long way, since being classified as ghetto music.

Nielsen Music the music sales measurement has monitored ‘radio airplays, online streaming and music consumer behaviour, Nielsen is the authority in tracking what music people are buying both in-store and digitally.

‘R&B and hip-hop are now responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the U.S., while rock claims 23%. Looking at the rest of the numbers listed that dissect how people are consuming these styles of music, it’s clear that streaming is to thank for the swap in ranking.’




This has been the best news we have ever heard. Hip Hop and R&B has been the stepping stone for all types of genre offspring and we are happy about the recognition it is finally getting.   




Words: Shanakay Gordon


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