Glastonbury Introducing Women Only Venue

For the first time, there will be a venue exclusively for women at Glastonbury Festival.


Whilst attending music festivals is incredibly fun for both genders, for women it sometimes presents particular risks, and can lead to some women feeling unsafe. Year after year, there are reports of young girls and women being sexually assaulted at some of the UK's biggest festivals, and those are just cases involving women and young girls who are willing to come forward. Outside of regular security presence and in some cases a safety awareness campaign, very few festivals have taken specific measures to help address the problem of sexual assault. 


The Sisterhood, Glastonbury Festival's first ever women only venue, is a "revolutionary clubhouse" open to "all people who identify as women." Everyone working in the venue, from performers to guards, will all have to identify as female to gain entry. The organisers of the venue believe that "women only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit mainly men. Oppression against women continues in various manifestations around the world today, in different cultural contexts."


You can find The Sisterhood in Glastonbury's Shangri La Zone, with live music, DJs, dance classes and workshops (including a DIY Power Tools workshop), focusing on intersectionality, diversity and inclusion.


Words: Bola Olashore


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