'Dear White People' Movie Is Being Turned Into Netflix Series

After tackling the issue of racial and social stereotypes in American college institutes, the film 'Dear White People' has now been commissioned as a TV series by Netflix.


The original film explored the journey of main character Lionel, played by 'Everybody Hates Chris' star Tyler James Williams. In the satire movie, we see Lionel embark on a journey to fit in within a new a new college enviroment whilst facing rejection from every clique imaginable for his booming afro, love of alternative music and sexual persuasion. Lionel finally learns to settle in his own skin in the midst of confronting a frat party gone wrong.


Series creator, Justin Simien spoke about the importance of exploring the characters beyond the film during a panel discussion in New york, saying: "These characters belonged on TV,” he said. That said, it was an arduous yet worthwhile process. “It almost killed me, in the best way.”


The new series will see a list of new faces reprising the roles of the original characters from the film. 'Dear White People' is due to premiere on Netflix on the 28th April 2017.






Words: Keisha McDonald


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