DaVinche & Tasha Demi's #Powers Is OUT NOW!

It's been a great couple of weeks for music releases - first Wiley drops 'Godfather' and now super-producer DaVinche has brought together some mighty '#Powers' for this collaborative extraordinaire!


Bringing together 32 artists on one album in just two weeks, DaVinche and Tasha Demi have finally released the star-studded album '#Powers' featuring the likes of Ghetts, Scorcher, Mercston, P Money, Manga Saint Hilare, Rocket and Capo Lee just to name a few.



Speaking on the creation of the album, DaVinche said, "'I had a strong vision for this album. Making sure we push the limits of what is considered grime, whilst getting the best out of the artists, in a short space of time was going to be the real challenge. The artists are mad talented and made that much easier for me."


Tasha demi also spoke on the pressures of making the album, saying "Putting this album together was definitely an intense experience! There was something really exciting about the challenge of making an album in the space of 2 weeks and getting 32 artists involved. From legends in the scene, to the sick new talent coming through, Seeing everyone in their creative zone in the studio, and having them genuinely excited about the project was amazing."


The pair also gave our very own Amanda Star a more indepth insight into the album earlier this week with an exclusive LIVE radio performance from Manga Saint Hilare, Jessica Agombar and Rocket on their new single 'Run Us Down'. Listen to the full interview below and buy #Powers HERE.





Words: Keisha McDonald


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