David Oyelowo Stars in New Film

English actor David Oyelowo best known for his breakout role in Selma is now going to be starring in a film about gun violence in America. The film titled ‘Another Day in the Death of America’ follows a non-fiction book by the Guardian's former US correspondent Gary Younge, who investigated the deaths of 10 children aged between nine and nineteen shot in the USA one day picked at random and none of them made national news.


A spokesperson for Guardian Faber spoke out of the issue being addressed in this movie,

‘Every day in the US seven children and teens are killed by guns. Gary Younge picked a day at random and spent 18 months exploring the lives and deaths of all the youngsters who were shot dead that day. What emerges is a sobering - and searing - portrait of a normal day in contemporary America.’

The actor Oyelowo will also be producing the film and will be set to also star in films such as, ‘Captive’, ‘A United Kingdom’ and thriller , ‘God Particle.’

The author of the book Gary Younge was awarded the David Nyhan prize for political journalism by Harvard University. His book will be published on 29 September in the UK and on 4 October in the US.

More details of the film will be coming in later on in the next few months.

Words: Shanice Bowrin


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