Damilola Taylor's Murder To Be Turned Into BBC Drama

Almost 16 years after the tragic death of schoolboy Damilola Taylor, the BBC will be turning the 10 year-old's murder into a one-off drama feature.


The TV programme entitled 'Our Loved Boy' will explore the life and death of Damilola from the perspective of his father, Richard Taylor with the help of playwright Levi David Addai.

'Our Loved Boy' will take viewers back in time to the year 2000 when Damilola was stabbed in the leg after walking home from the library in Peckham, London later resulting in his death. The 10 year-old was later found bleeding to death in a stairwell just weeks before his 11th birthday. Damilola Taylor had moved to Britain from Nigeria just months before his death.


The BBC drama is set to be directed by Bafta Award winning Director Euros Lynn, best known for 'Capital' and 'Happy Valley'.


Last year 'Star Wars' actor John Boyega was revealed as one of the last people to have seen Damilola Taylor just moments before his death, after Richard Taylor confirmed that Mr Boyega and his sister Grace were the two other children in the CCTV footage captured before the youngster's death. It isn't sure if that scene will be included in the biopic.


Damilola's killers, brothers Ricky and Danny Preddie, were convicted of manslaughter 6 years and 3 trails after the young boy's death. Both were jailed for 8 years and have now been released.


Although a date has yet to be announced for 'Our Loved Boy'  Industry insiders are already describing it as "Powerful and illuminating".

Words: Keisha McDonald


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