Daily Mail Australia Wrongly Uses Section Boyz Pic For Gang Violence Story

Despite shutting down their performance with Drake on the UK leg of his tour, it seems that one newspaper is still unaware (or don't care) who Section Boyz are.


In an article posted on Monday (30th January) Australia's Daily Mail used an old photo of the 'Lock Arf' stars as the main image for their article about Melbourne's Apex Gang (who are predominantly black) and gang violence in general. Despite attempting to blur out the group's faces, news outlet ABC Media Watch pointed out the very obvious blunder, showing the archive picture of Section Boys side-by-side with the news article.





Section Boyz who caught wind of the 'mix-up' also responded to the post, rightfully telling the paper to 'FIX UP'.





The paper has now changed the image but has yet to issue a statement or apology.



Words: Keisha McDonald


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