Could Dizzee Rascal Be Dropping New Music This Friday?

What's Dizzee Rascal got up his sleeve for this Friday??


After sending us all into cardiac arrest with the announcement of his 'Boy In The Corner' show last year, Dizzee Rascal fans have been waiting with bated breath for what the Grime God will do next.


Well according to a number of billboards around East London of a much younger Dizzee, fans can expect SOMETHING to drop from the star as soon as tomorrow!



Will it be another show? Maybe a whole new album?! WHO KNOWS!


One thing that we DO know is a mysterious website has popped up counting down the minutes and the hours until SOMETHING Dizzee Rascal related pops up tomorrow. According to the audio from the website, "Sound System Culture" is a big clue. Check the website HERE.


#KeepItOnTheBeat for more updates.


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