Cherri V Drops By On DriveTime


Always one to drive us in the direction of some of the hottest talent coming out of the UK, Ellie Prohan will be catching up with another special guest.



...and trust us, this one is red hot!



Joining Ellie on this week's Drivetime will be British songstress, Cherri V!



Delivering an introspective insight into both her characteristics and personality, Cherri V delves into a self aware mindset in her new single 'Leave Me Be'. Perfect for the summer, 'Leave Me Be' fuses psychedlic rifts with modern elements of jazz and sunshine beats giving the record a dreamlike warmth and enchantment.





There is a rich tapestry of emotion and musical understanding that radiates from ‘Leave Me Be’, capturing frustration and the need to be free, an on-going theme which is captured in both the music, and concept choices, behind her forthcoming album, Brown Eyed Soul.


Set to be Cherri V's most honest and personal release to date, the album is an exploration of the flavours, sounds and autobiographical accounts that has led her to her current place in music. Her journey has naturally led her to mature as a woman, singer and songwriter, providing compelling and dynamic content that she is confident to portray and present on her own terms.


Produced by Joey Stickz, Cherri has also enlisted the talents of Nolay for a spicy remix that is set to make its debut in the coming weeks. 


Don't miss Cherri V on Drivetime with Ellie this Wednesday 19th July from 4-7pm


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