Cam'ron's Remix Of 'White Chicks' Signature 'A Thousand Miles' Is The Best Thing You'll Hear All Week!

It seems that terry Cruz ain't the only one who can add a little gangsta to a 15-year-old pop classic Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Miles'.



Dipset rapper Cam'ron has taken the piano-laden track, made famous again in the Wayans Brother's film 'White Chicks', turned the old pop hit into a street love tale teamed with an equally comical music video to bring the story to life.


The music video which was directed by Clifton Bell, stars Aziza as the rapper's love interest and Sen City as Cam'ron's friend and love advisor. In the visuals for track 10,000 miles' Cam'ron plays a lovesick cheater who just wants his girl back, and is even seen wrapped up in a blanket wearing a T-shirt that says 'Cheat on your diet not your girl'. Aww, poor Cam'ron.



But before you think that the rapper has gone all soft on us, the featured get-your-girl-back tee is a preview of Killa Cam's new merch which fans can buy themselves for $40 a t-shirt. Check them out HERE.


Check out the track and full video below:


WARNING! The following footage may contain language that some may find offensive. The Beat London does not condone the glamourisation of the use of recreational drug use.






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