Brandy Runs into Trouble with Her Record Label

It seems that Brandy has been having some trouble wither label.  According to the Associated Press, Brandy is suing her record label for $1 million dollars due to the fact that they’ve been blocking her from releasing new music.

The R&B singer is allegedly filing the lawsuit against Chameleon Entertainment Group since she has apparently not been permitted to releasing new music since her last album in 2012 ‘Two Eleven’.


Although in her original contract the label was to release four albums with the singer, Brandy claims that they are restricting her from making any further albums until she signs a new contract with the company.

For most of Brandy’s career, the star has been signed to Atlantic Records but signed onto a contract with Chameleon and RCA in 2011 after leaving Atlantic and getting dropped at Epic. The last song she released was ‘Beggin’ and Pleadin’ in January and we haven’t heard anything new from her since.

Brandy isn’t the first artist to feud with her label, countless of artists such as Jojo, Kelly Clarkson, Lil Wayne have all had issues with their record label and have had a block from releasing new music. At the moment, Chameleon Entertainment Group have yet to comment.


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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