Biggie And Faith Evans Album Coming Soon!

It’s been over 19 years since Notorious B.I.G. has left us but although he’s gone he is certainly not forgotten! 

With today’s music technology, ex-wife of Biggie Smallz will be working on a collaborative album with the late rapper involving a hologram.

In a radio appearance, Evans discussed the process pf the album.  ‘It’s in the finishing stages…and [will be] released in early September. I don’t know necessarily to what extent I’m going to perform [with the hologram] but I definitely want to debut it in the first video and maybe use it a little bit performing live.’

The album will be titled ‘The King & I’ and is set to release in September this year. Faith Evans had been married to Biggie Smallz in 1994 up until his death in March 1997 due to a shooting.

This wouldn’t be the first album released after Biggie’s passing, in 1999 Puff Daddy and Evans released ‘Born Again,’ along with ‘Duets: The Final Chapter,’ which dropped in 2005.

Faith Evans then conclusively said how excited she was about the album and hope fans would enjoy it. ‘If he was alive, ultimately we would have done something like this, but the way the stuff is coming together and the way I'm using his vocals. It's given his stuff new life,’ Evans told Dash. ‘I think people are really going to enjoy it.’


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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