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Beyoncé Drops New ‘Lemonade’ Merch…

And we are so here for it! Granted, it’s Frank Ocean week, but we still have room for Queen B. Beyoncé just added a few new pieces to her ‘Lemonade’ merchandise on her website, and they look really good!


The new ‘Lemonade’ gear prices start from $25 without shipping and are pre-orders set to ship out for the week of September 5th with the exception of the Iron-On patch set which is set to ship out on the 29th of August.


The new additions include:

1.A ‘Hold Up’ Hoodie

2.A ‘Hold Up’ Dad Cap 


3. A 'Boy Bye' Sweatshirt


4. A 'Boy Bye' Bodysuit


5. A ‘Beyoncé Lemon’ iPhone 6S/ 6S+ Case


6. A ‘Boy Bye’ Tote Bag


7. A ‘Hold Up’ iPhone 6S/ 6S+ case


8. A ‘Lemonade’ Iron-On Patch Set


Don’t know about you, but we're eyeing those pieces with the brilliant take on the ‘dancing-lady-in-the-red-dress’ iPhone emoji! Could B be joining the emoji game soon? We’d be down for that!


Words: Isaac Chukwumah 



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