The Beat Annual Carnival Guide

Are you ready for Notting Hill Carnival?  Ready to wuk up your waist? Yuh ready for the road?




Before we break it down, this year’s carnival is going #GreenforGrenfell. Celebrations will come to a halt for a one minute’s silence at 3pm on both Sunday and Monday in memory of the people who died in the blaze at Grenfell Tower in June.



Click on the link below to find out more.


We have you covered! Here are a few of the essentials you need to have at carnival. When we mean essentials we mean, you might as well go out and buy them now!



1.First thing you need to do before you even step foot in to carnival. You need to start your day off with The Beat getting your hips ready for the challenge ahead. That is carnival.






2. Eating before you leave is very important. Although there’s a lot of food venders at the event. Try the jerk chicken, curry goat, and rice and peas and to top that all off wash your food down with some rum punch.






3. When you decide to stop dancing around the house you need to make sure you pack your bag. A bum bag / backpack is very important that leaves you with empty hands.



4. In your bag you need to pack: water, wipes, money. Enough so that you don’t end up in a long que at the ATM. Travel potties and ear defenders if you are planning on bringing the little ones. Don’t forget your whistle and horn!


5. Before you leave your house we advise wearing comfy shoes. You will be dancing for a loooonng time.



6.Plan your route beforehand. (click on the link below for the best routes)/check the weather forecast.



7.When you get to carnival click the link below to find the sound system that best matches what type of music you are interested in.



8.Once you’ve found the sound system / float that makes you move your hips extra hard.



9. Finally stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious inform the closest authorities.


Heres a link for the carnival routes and all the sound systems this year:




Words: Shanakay Gordon


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