Azealia Banks Dissed Grime and Twitter Went Off

It seems that Azealia Banks is setting Twitter into a rage once again. This time, she came after the UK and Grime music. The singer who tweeted this morning after a short Twitter spat with UK singer Zayn Malik went on a random tangent to say that ‘UK RAP is just a disgrace to rap culture in general’ and with UK rappers ‘It's ALWAYS FORCED’. It didn’t take long to Twitter to shut Banks down with not only fans but celebrities having something to say to the star. Azealia Banks is set to perform in London at the Born and Bred Festival in June. Here is a compilation of some people firing back at Banks.

Azealia Banks didn’t seem too phased by the hate, tweeting that she will come armed. For the time being, things don’t look good for the US singer.

Words: Shanice Bowrin


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