Azalea Banks Causes Outrage Over Proposed Skin Bleaching Line

The '212' is no stranger to a little controversy, so the star's latest announcement will most likely come as no surprise.


In a series of Snapchat videos, the New York rapper revealed that she will be selling "soaps" that are allegedly for skin bleaching. The products that Azaelia was reffering to are titled Miss Amor and Miss Camaraderie and are described as being "used for lightening complexion due to uneven tanning, scarring, adds health , radiance and suppleness."


Banks, who has openly shared her own use of bleaching products in the past, also shared the packaging for the skin bleaching agents, designed by some of her fans. The star also posted the soaps on her Faceboo page, receiving mixed reviews about the product and the star's mental well-being.


What do you make of Azaelia Bank's new skin bleaching line? Let us know via social media @thebeat1036fm


Words: Keisha McDonald


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