Alicia Keys Releases New Song

Alicia Keys has just released her first song in four years. The fifteen Grammy Award winner released a track titled ‘In Common’. The song is said to have a bit of a reggae beat along with a club vibe. Produced by Illangelo and written by Keys, Illangelo, Tayla Parks, and Billy Walsh, the track is hazy and club-ready, with lyrics such as, ‘Who wants to love somebody like me?’


‘We all have our issues, our challenges,’ Keys said in a statement. ‘We are all kind of messed up and that’s all right. In fact, that’s what helps us understand each other. To me, that is what’s so beautiful.’ The song is set to be a summer banger and Alicia Keys will be performing the song on Saturday Night Live this weekend. We have yet to know what else comes next after the singer’s former album ‘Girl on Fire’ but we will be waiting patiently for more hits!

You can give a listen to the song below.


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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