A$AP Mob Releases Tribute Video for A$AP Yams

The rap group A$AP Mob have gather together to give their friend and group member A$AP Yams who had passed away a video tribute.

The tribute song was titled ‘Yambourghini H**h’ and featured a cameo from Yams mother in the beginning of the video.

The late singer passed early last year due to an accidental intoxication but has lived on through his group A$AP Mob.

The tribute video has the usual trippy quality that A$AP Mob is best known for and features Juicy J and a bunch of models partying in bathrobes. The video is filled with crazy neon colors and dizzying visual effects.

The song was originally dropped in January and will be the lead single from the group’s mixtape ‘Cozy Tapes Vol. 1’ which will be set to release sometime this summer.

You can watch the video ‘Yambourghini H**h’ right here.


Words: Shanice Bowrin


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